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Office Catering

Redefine corporate meal ordering, from daily lunch to special event, choose from hundred restaurants for over 1000 menu items.

Diverse Dining Scenes

There is always one to meet your needs

Special Banquet Service

Enterprise Micro Canteen

Themed Buffet Lunch

Free Events Meal

Afternoon Tea Time

YBB Catering Service

More Professional Than Professional

Safe & Non-Contact

Starting from cooking, packing to delivery, our non-contact process & delivery keep your office and employee safe.

Flexible Ordering & Billing

Settlement once a month, one invoice contains all office catering orders, easy to manage the budget, and payment.

Food Consultant Expert

We provide suggestions for your needs and customize meal plans. Take your team to experience a different food experience.

On-Site Concierge Service

The trained YBB professional team provides you and your team with exclusive VIP-level on-site services.

Reliable Delivery

Through our system, you can track the timeliness, accuracy and quality of each order from start to finish.

Simple & Efficient Ordering System

Save Your Time & Get Good Experience

YBB system is simple and convenient and supports multi-platform ordering such as PC, mobile phone, and Apple Watch. The meal reservation function saves you the trouble of missing your order, provides monthly statements for unified settlement. It saves you time and allows you to focus on your core work more efficiently.

Many Cooperative Merchants

Can Match Your Taste Well

Are You Ready to Order?

Let's Get Started!

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